Power generator SL6500EDX

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Universum BCL sp. z o.o.
ul. Lwowska 52/pok 205
37-700 Przemyśl, POLAND


Universum BCL sp. z o.o.
ul. Lwowska 52/pok 205
37-700 Przemyśl, POLAND

Product description

The SL6500EDX Power Generator is a technologically advanced device that ensures reliability and efficiency under all conditions. With an impressive 5 KW output, it can effortlessly power a wide range of devices and tools. Its extended runtime of 13.5 hours lets you use it throughout the day or night. Thanks to its European-standard sockets, compatibility with various devices is assured. Gasoline-powered, this generator guarantees efficient energy delivery and easy refueling. Moreover, the set includes a 12V battery, enhancing the startup and operation of the generator. Additionally, the key ignition system adds a layer of security and simplifies its usage. 

The high efficiency of the SL6500EDX is the result of meticulous design aimed at delivering maximum output with minimal fuel consumption. Whether you’re planning to use it at home, in a small business, or on the go, the SL6500EDX is a solid choice for continuous and stable power supply. By choosing this model, you are investing in quality, dependability, and cutting-edge technological solutions.

the SL6500EDX is your dependable choice for consistent power. Get the best in class with this power-packed machine and keep your operations running seamlessly.


  • Power Output: A robust 5 KW to cater to a wide array of applications.
  • Runtime: An impressive 13.5 hours, ensuring you’re powered throughout the day or night.
  • Sockets: Equipped with Euro sockets, making it compatible for various devices and tools.
  • Fuel Type: Runs on gasoline, ensuring efficient power delivery and easy refueling.
  • Battery: Comes with a 12V battery included, enhancing the generator’s starting and operation features.
  • Ignition: Key ignition-equipped, adding a layer of security and ease to your operations.


  • High Efficiency: The SL6500EDX is designed to provide maximum power output with minimal fuel consumption, making it a cost-effective solution for your energy needs

Additional Information

The 5KW generator is a compact and efficient device, designed to provide an uninterrupted power source for homes and small businesses. With its ability to generate 5KW of power, it’s the perfect solution for powering essential household appliances such as refrigerators, computers, lighting, and office equipment in small businesses. The key to the success of the SL6500EDX is its versatility. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business person, a builder, or an event organizer, this generator will provide reliable and efficient power wherever it’s most needed.

The SL6500EDX generator is an indispensable tool in many diverse situations and applications. Here are some key uses:

Home: It’s perfect for households that require a backup power source during power outages. With its capacity, the SL6500EDX can power essential home appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, water pumps, as well as TVs and computers, ensuring comfort during power interruptions.

  • Small Businesses: Businesses can rely on the SL6500EDX to maintain operations in emergency situations. For stores, this might mean keeping cash registers and coolers running, and for offices, ensuring computers and communication systems are operational.
  • Construction Sites: The SL6500EDX is ideal for construction sites where a steady power source might not be available. It can power electric tools, lighting, and other critical equipment.
  • Outdoor Events: For organizers of various events like concerts, festivals, or fairs, this generator can provide energy to sound systems, stage lighting, or food trucks.
  • Allotments and Recreational Areas: For those spending time in allotments or other off-grid locations, the SL6500EDX offers a reliable power source.
  • Travel and Camping: Given its mobility and efficiency, this generator is perfect for travel enthusiasts who need a trustworthy power source in places where traditional power sources are unavailable.

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The maximum load capacity of a TIR-type truck is 340 units of generators. In case of purchasing a full TIR load, the VAKARITEN company will deliver the product using its own transport within a radius of 1000 km.

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Formalities related to the sale of goods within the European Union and to countries outside the EU zone, meaning from the purchase of the goods to its release from the warehouse, take 2-3 working days.

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Universum BCL sp. z o.o. 
ul. Lwowska 52/pok 205
37-700 Przemyśl, POLAND