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Energy independence for Your home and business

We specialize in manufacturing and distributing devices and accessories for electricity production in households and businesses.

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Power generator SL6500EDX


Manufacturer of energy-producing devices for homes and small businesses.


Manufacturer of solar energy harvesting devices

Generate electricity through photovoltaics for your home and personal use. As a manufacturer of equipment for generating electricity from the sun, we provide inverters, panels, and controllers for photovoltaic devices.


Manufacturer of devices for generating electricity from wind

Produce electricity day and night using a home wind turbine. Our wind turbines are designed for installation in small areas, such as plots, households.


Generator manufacturer

If you have limited access to electricity or there are power outages, take advantage of power generator offerings and ensure you have the energy where you need it, whenever you need it.


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Vakariten‘s products are distinguished by their high energy efficiency, conversion efficiency, and performance coefficient, offering reliable operational longevity. All our devices come with European certifications such as the CE Compliance Certificate, IEC Certificate for wind turbines, and the SolarKeymark Certificate for solar panels, testifying to their quality and safety.

Customer service and after-sales support are integral parts of our operation. We provide efficient and professional service throughout the sales process, along with expert technical advice and assistance, ensuring our customers have the support they need to benefit fully from our products.

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Certified Products

The devices we offer are distinguished by European certifications such as CE Compliance Certificate, IEC Certificate for wind turbines, and SolarKeymark Certificate for solar panels.

Product Quality

Vakariten devices are characterized by high energy efficiency, measured conversion efficiency, and performance coefficient. The devices are also distinguished by their reliable operating time.

Customer Service and Maintenance

We provide professional and efficient customer service during the sales process and after-sales. We provide professional technical advice and support to our customers.

Our devices generate electricity from the natural resources of our planet.

Where access to common electrical energy is impossible or difficult, our devices produce electricity for you, your family, and your business.

What we do?

Vakariten making reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions accessible to everyone, contributing to a more resilient world.

Vakariten is a leading manufacturer of electricity-generating devices, providing a range of solutions to accommodate various needs. Our portfolio encompasses devices that produce electricity using both common methods: renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, and through the use of fuels, providing access to electricity even in areas where traditional power supply is unreliable or unavailable.

Our products are designed to endure even the most challenging conditions, functioning effectively in extreme temperatures and during cataclysmic events. This reliability positions our equipment as an ideal solution wherever electricity is a necessity, from households to businesses and beyond.